Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Day

I had a truly beautiful day today, so so lovely! I feel good in my body, good in my soul. I spent the day with friends in San Francisco, walking, parks, dogs, ice cream, a beautiful film, games..... Upon coming home I found myself concerned with trying to somehow preserve a record of this lovely day, somehow capture the feeling....but as I sit here, with this glow, I realize, I don't have to hold onto it. I can glow and then let it slip away as it chooses, and in simply enjoying it and letting it pass, I will have not in any way erred. I don't have to take on the work of trying to preserve what I have right now--what a futile and perhaps wearisome task that would be anyway! So I will simply sit here with this love breathing in and out of my body, and wish you all a good night. :)